Speaker opportunities

Interested in speaking at a session at the IBA Annual Conference?

The IBA Sections, Committees and Fora organise all the Annual Conference sessions and select all the speakers for the sessions. The following steps will assist in identifying the right people to contact:

  1. Review the online conference programme for sessions relating to your area of expertise.
  2. Click on the ‘committees’ filter. Select the committee/section that relates to the field you would like to contribute to from the drop-down menu. An overview of sessions relating to this committee/section will then appear.
  3. The right-hand column identifies the IBA Sections, Committees and Fora involved in the organisation of the session, with the one leading it marked with (Lead). That is the committee you will need to contact.
  4. Go to the Committee Index and select the entity that is leading the session.
  5. Go to ‘View officer list’ and then contact the chair/co-chairs with your request, sending information on your qualification and expertise on the topic.