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BIC News Issue 1

Released on May 18, 2023

Message from Paul Mollerup and Merete Smith, Co-Chairs, Bar Executives Committee, May 2021

In 2003 Peter Schwartz wrote a book called “Inevitable Surprises”. The title is catchy, and the book is still a really good read. Schwartz was subsequently ridiculed for having ruled out another major financial crisis while in fact his point was that the world was set for a long period of economic growth due to the underlying factors of globalisation and productivity.

Released on May 19, 2021

Message from George Artley, BIC Project Lawyer, April 2021

For those of you who do not know me, I thought I would use this month’s BIC Blog to introduce myself, my role, and the work that I have been doing with members of the BIC over the past year or so.

Released on Apr 29, 2021

Message from Kimitoshi Yabuki, BIC Chair, March 2021

The IBA Mid-Year Meeting will be taking place virtually this year across the month of May. In order to note important dates in your calendars, please see the following meetings that we would like to highlight as being of interest to bar representatives.

Released on Apr 8, 2021

Message from Kimitoshi Yabuki, BIC Chair, January 2021

It is my privilege and sincere honour to wish you each a Happy New Year in my capacity as Chair of the Bar Issues Commission (BIC) for the next two years. After a very difficult 2020, we are all looking forward to a more promising year in 2021 and beyond. Using this opportunity, I would like to report our goals and team to all of you.

Message from Peter Koves, BIC Chair, January 2020

The BIC was able to provide an opportunity for our Member Organisations to discuss the IBA Reform and Strategic Planning Processes, and together we were able to provide valuable input to both initiatives. The BIC continues to support both processes and is dedicated to implementing each measure, which has and will result from them. We will strongly co-operate with the other IBA Constituents in these efforts.