IBA Annual Conference Sponsorship

Tuesday 4 July 2023
Annual conference sponsorship

After two long years, the IBA IN-PERSON Annual Conference is BACK!

Scheduled for the 30 October - 4 November 2022 in the magical city of Miami, the conference will once again provide an opportunity for the leaders of the global legal profession to gather together to share their knowledge and expertise, make new contacts and see old friends.

Our last Annual Conference in 2019, brought together over 6,000 lawyers from 2,500+ law firms as well as representatives from corporations, governments, and regulators from over 130 jurisdictions, allowing our exhibitors, sponsors, and supporters an unparalleled opportunity through which to raise their profile and share their expertise on the international stage.

IBA advertising, exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities are designed to give the highest brand exposure for a sponsor’s chosen package, from the day the booking is made through to the completion of the event.

I am pleased to say that the advertising, exhibiting and sponsorship packs, including advertising in the conference final programme, sponsorship of the welcome party, exhibition booth sponsorship, committee social events such as dinners and receptions, regional fora lunches and the closing party, are now available to download via the links to the right.

If you would like to set up a call to discuss the advertising, exhibiting and sponsorship options relating to the IBA Annual Conference, email andrew.webster-dunn@int-bar.org

I look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you in Miami.

Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities
Exhibition sponsorship
Download pack
Welcome and closing party sponsorship
Download pack
Committee social function sponsorship
Download pack
LPD and SPPI social function sponsorship
Download pack
Final programme sponsorship
Download pack

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