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Family Law Committee

The Family Law Committee provides a unique forum for members from around the world to discuss developments of international significance across all aspects of family law, including marriage, divorce, inheritance, human rights, adoption and child abduction.

About the Committee

The Family Law Committee provides a unique forum for members from different countries and different legal systems to exchange views, meet during conferences and debate issues concerning the substantive and procedural aspects of family law. The work of the committee has focused on developments of international significance, involving all aspects of family law, for example, marriage, divorce, inheritance, human rights in the family, adoption, international child abduction, etc. There is a close interaction within the committee and its members through newsletters and via e-mail.

The committee has ambitious aspirations for the future. It hopes to expand its membership and to encourage others to join the committee. Family law is at the core of general legal practice.

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Transnational succession: the case of the 'double' succession of an English citizen who owned real estate in Italy

The question submitted to the Corte di Cassazione involves a case of transnational succession concerning an English citizen domiciled in the United Kingdom who owned real estate located in Italy and died in Italy in 1999.

Released on Apr 13, 2022

Summary of the Abu Dhabi Non-Muslim Personal Status Law

Personal Status Law No 28 of 2005, Civil Transaction Law No 5 of 1985 and Abu Dhabi Non-Muslim Personal Status Law No 14 of 2021 all govern family matters in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The UAE Personal Status Law will continue to apply to Abu Dhabi's Muslim residents, but not non-Muslim expats in Abu Dhabi.

Released on Apr 13, 2022

Protection of the rights of children in the case of the divorce and division of property of married parents in the Russian Federation

The rights and interests of minor children need special protection by the state because, due to their young age, they are not able to protect themselves independently. In particular, the issue of protecting the interests of children arises in the situation in which parents decide to terminate their marriage and divide the property they have acquired together.

Released on Apr 13, 2022

No-fault divorce: are England and Wales ready for a less acrimonious approach to separation?

The idea of no-fault divorce has been around for a long time. In fact, in the 1990s, Parliament legislated for this change before it was pushed back – only being discussed again and agreed upon in the last half a decade.

Released on Apr 13, 2022

Subcommittees and other groups

The Family Law Committee also coordinates the activities of the following subcommittees/working groups.

  • Family Law Committee Advisory Board
  • International Children's Issues Subcommittee