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Space Law Committee

The Space Law Committee provides a forum for outer space lawyers to address the increasing number of practical legal issues arising in commercial and regulatory activities in this specialised area of domestic and international law.

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Spain – getting ready for the next steps in space exploration

This article analyses Spain's progress in developing a strategy for competitiveness in aerospace matters, such as the creation of a National Space Agency to represent Spain before the international community, the speed and urgency in the incorporation procedure of the Agency, drawing up its by-laws, as well as the drafting of a Law on Outer Space Activities, along the lines of its neighboring countries. We also describe the first steps taken by the Spanish Space Agency, including the adhesion to the Artemis Accords, and the main space initiatives carried out by the private space sector in Spain.

Released on Sep 14, 2023

Developing space law: Luxembourg’s regulatory framework model

In the field of international space law, where none of the United Nations’ space treaties create direct obligations for non-governmental entities, it is the responsibility of states to ensure that all national activities comply with the provisions of international law. Luxembourg's space legal framework is one of the most recent among countries actively involved in space policy.

Released on Sep 14, 2023

A brief outlook on the announced comprehensive national law regulating space activities in Italy

Italy – despite being counted among the countries with the largest presence in space, with a competitive entrepreneurial ecosystem – does not yet have a comprehensive law to regulate national space activities, unlike other European countries.

Released on Sep 14, 2023

Brazil’s path towards a space-friendly regulation: advances on insurance for space launches on Brazilian territory

In the wake of new provisions for space activities in the Brazilian legal framework, national authorities enacted a third part of the Brazilian Space Regulation focused on insurance requirements for private companies that seek to promote space launch or re-entry activities from the Brazilian territory. This article aims to explore some of the features and conditions established by the Brazilian regulation amidst the expectations that it will further contribute to the development of the Brazilian space sector.

Released on Jan 23, 2023

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