20th Annual IBA Anti-Corruption Conference

12 Jun - 13 Jun 2024

Session information

Panel nine - Play fair, play to inspire: Exploring the evolving landscape of ethics and compliance in the world of sports


In the fast-paced and exciting world of sports, the role of ethics and compliance is key, as recent events repeatedly have demonstrated. The multifaceted nature of compliance in sports, from upholding the integrity of the game to protecting the well-being of athletes, encompasses a wide range of regulatory, anti-corruption and ethical considerations, including gender equality, discrimination, doping scandals and match-fixing controversies. This panel will address common challenges and developments in the industry of sports with insights and examples from experienced sports compliance professionals, considering complex implications and emerging best practices developed by the industry.

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Melina Llodra LLODRA Law, Rosario, Argentina; Compliance Programme Officer , Compliance Subcommittee
Clarissa Oliveira Cascione Advogados, São Paulo, Brazil; Publications Officer, Anti-Corruption Committee


Vincenzo Dell'Osso BonelliErede, Milan, Italy
Steve Holt Grant Thornton, London, England; Forensic Expert Officer, Compliance Subcommittee
Julia Lowis The International Tennis Integrity Agency, London, England
Greg Mckenna Biathlon Integrity Unit, Salzburg, Austria