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Wednesday 29 May (2000 - 2130)

Thursday 30 May (0800 - 0900)

Thursday 30 May (0800 - 1815)

Thursday 30 May (0835 - 0840)

Thursday 30 May (0840 - 0910)

Thursday 30 May (0910 - 0940)

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Federico de Montalvo former President of the Bioethics Committee of Spain, Madrid 

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Thursday 30 May (0940 - 1230)

Session details

Topic one: Shortage of drugs
María Alonso  Lilly Spain, Madrid
Camilla Appelgren  Mannheimer Swartling, Stockholm 
Ruta Pumputiene  Ellex Valiunas, Lithuania

Topic two: The current surge and challenges of digital therapeutics
Adem Koyuncu  Covington, Brussels
Elisa Stefanini  Portolano Cavallo, Milan
Cécile Théard-Jallu  De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés, Paris

Topic three: Financing of advanced new therapies
Mireia Castro  Novartis Spain, Barcelona
Alfonso Gallego  Pfizer, Madrid 

Topic four: E-commerce of medicinal products: Global freedom or national restrictions?
José Fernández Rañada  Garrigues, Madrid 
Markus Schott
 Bär & Karrer, Zurich
Dr Katharina Wodarz  Raue, Berlin

Topic five: Product liability and medical devices
Manuel Durães Rocha  Abreu Advogados, Lisbon
Monika Gattiker  Lanter, Zurich  

Topic six: Gene therapies and orphan drugs - regulatory status and reimbursement
Henar Álvarez  Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Madrid
Ariadna Padilla  Takeda, Madrid

Topic seven: Re-labelling repackaging and parallel import of medical devices and pharmaceuticals
Maria Cedó  Esteve, Barcelona 
Janine Demont-Reudt  Niederer Kraft Frey, Zurich  
Miguel Ángel Galve  ex GC of Elanco, Madrid

Topic eight: Human research – big data and secondary use of data
Beatriz Cocina Arrieta  Uria Menendez, Madrid
Ioanna Michalopoulou  Michalopoulou & Associates, Athens
Lincoln Tsang Ropes & Gray, London

Topic nine: Deal structures of life sciences transactions
Gustavo Alcocer Lugo  Olivares, México City
Elazar Stein  Medison Pharma, Petach Tikva and Zug, Israel
Emmanuelle Trombe  McDermott, Will & Emery, Paris 

Topic ten: Interplay between regulation and intellectual property - review of Bolar exemption
Rais Amils  Pérez Llorca, Madrid
Özge Atilgan Karakulak  Gün + Partners, Istanbul 
Martin Dræbye Gantzhorn  Bech-Bruun, Copenhagen

Topic eleven: Artificial intelligence and life sciences
James Gallagher  Mason Hayes & Curran, Dublin 
Njeri Mutura  Microsoft, Irvine, California 
Josefine Sommer  Sidley Austin LLP, Brussels

Topic twelve: Trade secrets / confidentiality in R&D collaborations
Dr Hussein Akhavannik  Blank Rome, Washington, District of Columbia
Maarten Schut  Kennedy Van der Laan, Amsterdam

Topic thirteen: Recent landscape on foreign direct investment in medtech/pharma
Per Lagerkvist  MAQS, Stockholm
Irene Fernández Puyol  Gómez-Acebo & Pombo, Madrid

Topic fourteen: Unified patent court – takeaways from the first year
Morten Bruus  Accura, Copenhagen
Francine Le Péchon-Joubert  De Gaulle Fleurance, Paris
Hanna Tilus  Cirio, Stockholm

Topic fifteen: Pharmaceuticals disparagement cases –Interactions with HCPs and regulators from a competition law perspective
Luis Alcover  Faus Moliner, Barcelona
Moisés Ramírez  GSK Spain, Madrid 
Anders Thue Simonsen Vogt Wiig, Oslo

Topic sixteen: Advertising pharmaceuticals - old law for modern information needs
Ariadna Casanueva  Cuatrecasas, Barcelona
Viviana Cervieri  Cervieri Monsuárez, Montevideo
Celine Weber  Walder Wyss, Zurich

Topic seventeen: Securing innovation: Tackling the 21st century epidemic of counterfeiting and intellectual property piracy
Francisco Javier García  Uría Menéndez, Barcelona
Jason Jardine  Knobbe Martens, San Diego, California
Luis Ruiz BPL, Guatemala City

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Thursday 30 May (1300 - 1345)

Thursday 30 May (1600 - 1615)

Thursday 30 May (1930 - 2300)

Friday 31 May (0800 - 0900)

Friday 31 May (0800 - 1230)

Friday 31 May (0830 - 0840)

Friday 31 May (0840 - 0955)

Session details

Rui Santos Ivo  President, of the Executive Board of Infarmed, Lisbon

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