IBA Individual Membership

Membership of the IBA is open to all members of the legal profession, including attorneys, counsellors, solicitors, barristers, advocates, members of the judiciary, full-time professors, students of law, and everyone else who is versed in the law.

Membership of a committee is one of the most important benefits of being a member of the IBA. The committees are an integral part of your IBA experience, and exist to help you network, build your profile and improve your practice.

The committees are separated into three divisions: the Legal Practice Division (LPD), Public and Professional Interest Division (PPID), and Regional Fora.

Committees constitute a wide array of projects and activities, focusing on issues relating to the majority of law practice areas and professional interests.

Joining a specific committee opens the door to the committee’s projects and events, such as open business meetings, committee retreats, committee sessions at the IBA Annual Conference (conference registration as a delegate required), or committee dinners during the annual and specialist conferences (open to the registered participants of the conference).

Why you should join the IBA  

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Full IBA membership

Full IBA membership has been designed for private practitioners in international legal practices.

This includes membership of the LPD and PPID (including membership of one specialist legal committee in the LPD, one committee or other entity in the PPID and one regional forum). Any additional committees in either divisions or regional for a can be purchased at £25 per committee or forum.

  • Standard rate £334/year
  • *Discount rate £200/year
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General IBA membership

This includes membership of the PPID (with one free committee or other entity in PPID and one free regional forum)

  • Standard rate £178/year
  • *Discount rate £108/year
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Membership benefits

Networking and business development opportunities

Build connections with and receive up to date insight from leading international practitioners around the world.

Enhance your recognition and status

Build and maintain a public profile on My IBA to enhance your recognition, status and improve your visibility online.

Free webinars and conference discounts

The IBA organises and supports over 120 webinars and 50+ specialist conferences each year in major cities worldwide. Members can benefit from free webinar attendance and discounted fees to register for conferences.

Access the IBA directory

Gain access to IBA digital content and the IBA directory of members, and start networking with 80,000+ legal professionals around the world.

Develop expertise

Energise your practice with opportunities to discuss and debate key issues in the profession with experts and peers, and learn about the latest legal developments from a library of articles and papers written by leaders in their fields.

Digital content

Gain access to publications, committee updates, webcasts, podcasts, films and training sessions.

How to use your membership

Write articles

Publish articles via committees or in journals and look out for IBA calls for articles, which are sent to all committee members.

Speak at IBA conferences

Speak at an IBA Annual Conference, or any specialist conference. Contact the Chairs or Co-Chairs of the committees that reflect your expertise or interests

Attend IBA conferences

Plan and coordinate your conference attendance as far in advance. Organise your business meetings with other conference participants, meet new business partners, expand your network to win more work and referrals.