Bar Association/Law Society Membership

As a member of the IBA your bar or law society will have access to the combined knowledge of nearly 190 bars and law societies worldwide. You will join the IBA Council as a member and have automatic membership of the IBA Bar Issues Commission (BIC). The BIC provides programmes, projects and networking opportunities relating to the interests of bar associations and law societies, providing a platform for member organisations to discuss and work together on subjects of common interest.

This membership allows you to:

  • Nominate up to 3 bar representatives to become IBA members
  • Share information with, and learn from other bars and law societies around the world
  • Discuss resolutions that can affect and influence the legal profession worldwide
  • Receive support from the IBA should your bar association or law society be under undue pressure by the authorities or experience difficulties
  • Enhance the education of lawyers belonging to your bar association or law society by using a variety of educational facilities

Full organisational membership

Any national law society/ bar association shall be eligible to apply for Full organisational membership of the IBA. Full Member Organisations may appoint up to two IBA Councillors to sit on the IBA Council and are entitled to vote at Council meetings. Full Member Organisations pay higher dues than Sustaining organisational members.

Sustaining organisational membership

Any law society/bar association/organisation of members of the legal profession which is a is a regional, state or city organisation, shall be eligible to apply for Sustaining organisation membership. Sustaining Member Organisations may appoint up to two IBA representatives to sit on the IBA Council, but they are not entitled to vote unless an agreement has been reached with the Full Member Organisation from that country.

BIC Membership

Member Organisations are part of the Bar Issues Commission (BIC). Each organisation that has paid its annual subscription to the Association can appoint up to three representatives to the BIC free of charge. We encourage Member Organisations to ensure there is continuity in those persons appointed and that they have relevant experience with the member organisation. These representatives are treated as IBA members and receive member benefits.

If you have not done so, please download, complete and return the annual membership form for this year in order to keep records up to date. Your BIC members will be:

  • President / Chairperson
    The President / Chairperson of your association is entitled to attend all IBA Council meetings and BIC events. The President / Chairperson will be invited to register for the Annual Bar Leaders' Conference and any other events which are relevant to  your association.
  • IBA Council Member
    Your second BIC representative should be an officer or senior executive who can regularly attend the IBA Council meetings. This representative is sent the IBA Council agenda via email in addition to the President / Chairperson. The IBA Council Member will be invited register for the Annual Bar Leaders' Conference and any other events which are relevant to  your association.
  • Bar Executive Officer
    A senior executive or officer within the Member Organisation who will be the key liaison person who handles the majority of the IBA and BIC correspondence (for example, receiving and arranging payment of your fees; receipt and distribution of BIC updates, information on conferences, Policy Committee projects et cetera). This contact will automatically be a member of the BIC’s Bar Executives Committee, which is comprised of all representatives in this role. They will also be invited to conferences and bar executive meetings.