From the Editors - Litigation Committee newsletter April 2024

Thursday 4 April 2024

Andreas Frischknecht
Chaffetz Lindsey LLP, New York

Lydia Danon 
Cooke, Young & Keidan LLP, London

Dear members of the IBA Litigation Committee,
Welcome to the Spring 2024 edition of the newsletter, focusing on the impact of armed conflicts on commercial disputes.  

As litigators, neither we nor our clients are insulated from the unfortunate consequences of armed conflicts around the world. For those directly affected, the impacts can be momentous. Along those lines, you will find contributions exploring how Ukrainian claimants can establish damages resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as well as the challenges of enforcing judgments abroad against aggressor states and their armed forces. But even the indirect consequences on parties seemingly far removed from the theatres of conflict, such as sanctions compliance, force majeure and impossibility, can be significant. This edition includes articles illuminating these and other impacts across a variety of jurisdictions. 

You will also find a look back at several litigation-themed sessions and events at the IBA Annual Conference in Paris this past November, as well as inspiration for planning ‘a day in Amsterdam’ ahead of this year’s Annual Litigation Forum in the Dutch capital.

We thank all contributors for their submissions and hope you will find them of interest. The next edition of the newsletter is already on the horizon – please look out for our call for articles later this year.   

Andreas Frischknecht
Lydia Danon