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20th Annual IBA Anti-Corruption Conference

12 Jun - 13 Jun 2024

OECD, Paris, France

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Rhea Siers


Ms. Rhea Siers combines her operational, legal and policy experience from thirty years in the US Intelligence Community to bring a multifaceted approach to national security, cybersecurity and geopolitical issues. She served as NSA's senior representative to the FBI, as well as NSA's Deputy Associate Director for Policy, led operational and intelligence production as a senior manager, and served in NSA's Office of General Counsel. As an attorney and policy expert in the cybersecurity arena, Ms. Siers was selected as a "Cyber Trail Blazer" by the National Law Journal (2014). She works with companies and organizations designing cyber security programs tailored to the challenges of different industries. Ms. Siers is a member of the adjunct faculties of GWU and the Johns Hopkins University where she developed and teaches courses on Cyber Threats from State and Non-State Actors, Data Privacy, Middle East issues, Non-State Actors, Terrorism, and Transnational Security issues. She is on the editorial board of The Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare and a co-author of the book Cyber Warfare: Understanding the Law, Policy, and Technology (2015). She was also co-author of The Theory and Practice of Terrorism (2017) Her articles and interviews about cyber deterrence, attribution, intelligence practice and the Middle East have appeared In several publications including The Cipher Brief and WSJ.