Bar Issues Commission - Meetings with Latin American Bar Leaders

Over the past few years, the BIC has held summit meetings with Latin American bar leaders of approximately 15 jurisdictions. With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, these meetings have become virtual. Through the leadership of BIC Officer, Alberto Navarro, the BIC held five such meetings in 2020 via Zoom and plans to hold similar quarterly meetings in 2021. For each meeting, a special keynote speaker is invited to address a specific issue of general interest, followed by debate.

5th Meeting with Latin Amerian Bar Leaders

The first meeting of 2021 was held on 21 April and addressed the topic, ‘IBA Wellbeing Task Force – an international alliance for the benefit of the legal profession. The keynote speaker was Prof. Tomás Gabriel García-Micó from Spain, who is an expert on Attorney Wellbeing, a member of the IBA Task Force on Attorney Wellbeing, and the Commissioner of International Relations at the Mental Health Institute of Legal Professions.

6th Meeting with Latin Amerian Bar Leaders

The second meeting was held on 2 June 2021 and a special invitation was extended to our new IBA President, Sternford Moyo. The President made a thought provoking address on the priorities for his term, highlighting the integral role of bar associations.