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Navigating the multigenerational workforce and advocating for gender pay equality in the Thai legal sphere

Managing a multigenerational workforce poses challenges for Thai law firms, where traditional values often clash with modern practices. This article explores these challenges, and advocates for gender pay equality, emphasising the need for inclusive policies and proactive measures to bridge generational and gender gaps in the workplace.

Released on Apr 25, 2024

Moving forward to the new workplace reality after the pandemic

With the return to work on-site and employers' general obligation to provide a safe workplace, discussions about mandated vaccination are increasing exponentially. Even though local rules vary for each country, employers are generally not allowed to simply demand vaccination, as certain exceptions must be considered, including for medical reasons or religious beliefs. In this context and until the pandemic is over, it is important for employers and employees to find the right balance between workplace safety and personal concerns.

Released on Dec 15, 2021

Implications of Turkey’s Remote Work Regulation

This article evaluates Turkey’s new Remote Work Regulation (No 31519), dated 10 March 2021. The Regulation is the first detailed legislation on remote work in Turkey and outlines the eligibility of non-Turkish nationals to work remotely in the country.

Released on Dec 13, 2021