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Overview of Nigeria’s dynamic cryptocurrency regulatory landscape

Globally, the regulation of cryptocurrency is a complex and evolving terrain. Various jurisdictions have adopted diverse approaches, ranging from outright bans to varying degrees of oversight. In Nigeria, while there is no outright ban of cryptocurrency usage or trading, the regulatory regime remains in flux. The Nigerian government has navigated this landscape through a multi-agency approach, seeking to balance the potential benefits of cryptocurrency with mitigating risks like, foreign exchange volatility, money laundering and fraud. This article provides an overview of the cryptocurrency regulatory landscape in Nigeria, highlighting recent developments in this evolving space.

Released on Jun 18, 2024

One year later: Argentina’s regulation on employers’ obligation to provide nurseries and day care centres for children of their personnel

This article considers how companies in Argentina are complying with a new regulation that obliges employers to provide childcare services to their workers or, as an exception, reimburse the related expenses. It also outlines why companies committed to promoting equal opportunities for all their employees should review their market practices.

Released on Sep 21, 2023

Insurtech and digitalisation of the insurance sector: the first steps of the Italian regulatory sandbox

In 2021 Italy established its first regulatory sandbox for insurance, financial and banking sector innovations. In March 2022 the first insurance-related project was approved. Given the relevance of this regulatory market development, this article outlines the relevant legal frameworks envisaged for these initiatives and analyses the first approved project, which is a blockchain-based registry for ownership and policies for unregistered velocipedes.

Released on Sep 27, 2022