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UK four-day working week trial yields promising results

This article examines the outcomes of the world's largest trial of a four-day working week to date and considers the issues employers need to take into account when contemplating making the change.

Released on Sep 21, 2023

Rules governing India’s gig economy

As the gig economy booms, challenges regarding the status of gig workers emerge. In India, law makers recently proposed an employment law framework, the Social Security Code, 2020, which recognises ‘gig workers’ and ‘platform workers’ for the extension of social security benefits. This article discusses the emergence of the gig economy in India, the opportunities and problems encountered by its workers, the proposed regulatory framework and the authors’ thoughts in the context of India’s gig economy landscape.

Released on Oct 7, 2022

Privacy in the era of Covid-19

The spread of Covid-19 has raised multiple questions, primarily relating to employment, performance of the labour function and protection of personal data of employees. This article considers general Covid-19 requirements for employers and employees, in the context of Russian data privacy legislation.

Released on Dec 15, 2021