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Tackling interconnect debts in the Nigerian telecommunications industry

A troubling feature of interconnection relationships in Nigeria is the huge interconnect debt profile of many operators. It appears that some operators have taken undue advantage of the fact that their creditors cannot unilaterally disconnect without the approval of the telecoms industry regulator.

Released on Apr 12, 2024

The Communications Commission's Licensing Framework for the Establishment of Mobile Virtual Network Operators in Nigeria: a review

This article gives an overview of the recently published Licensing Framework for the Establishment of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) in Nigeria. The Framework provides for a four-tier system, while a fifth-tier unified virtual operator may decide the level of service it desires to offer from tiers 1 to 4. The conditions of all five tiers are outlined in brief.

Released on Jun 20, 2022

Beyond the runway: understanding the scope of image rights protection under Nigerian law

A person’s most valuable asset is their personality, and the wealth that is beginning to be associated with this in the 21st century is increasingly becoming evident. Technological advancement, especially the evolution of social media, has introduced complexities into the exploitation of image rights in the fashion industry. These platforms have suddenly become a theatre of sorts, for infringers who commercially exploit the images and persona of athletes, models and fashion brands without permission. Consequently, the efforts to commercially control both images and information belonging to fashion brands have never been greater. For elite models and fashion brands at the pinnacle of their career, not even the engagement of social media experts and consultants has been able to address this malaise.

Released on Aug 18, 2021

A new dawn in Nigerian merger control

Released on Jun 22, 2021