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The potential for use of mediation in the field of IPRs and the current mediation system in Taiwan

Due to the very nature of the IP rights that are aligned with the essence of mediation, they are simply called '3M', which are 'Market cycle', 'Multiple jurisdictions' and 'Market power'. This paper will explain why the disputes related to IP rights are suitable for mediation.

Released on Jul 12, 2022

Mediation scenario in Brazil: Covid-19 restrictions and the adherence to the Singapore Convention

Alternative dispute resolution methods have been progressively adopted in Brazil, despite the culture of litigation and the difficulties of changing the mentality oriented to the resolution of conflicts.

Released on Jul 8, 2022

In the deadlock: the refusal to talk

A summary of a mediator's experience in dealing with a deadlock between parties in a mediation.

The mediation agreement in Brazil and its essential requirements, recognition and enforcement

The enacting of a new code as well as the actual usage of alternative methods indicates that mediation will be a very sought-after dispute resolution mechanism in Brazil. This article outlines the development of mediation in Brazil and its laws and regulations, providing an overview of the major aspects related to mediation.

Overview of the Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation (Singapore Convention)

One important factor that has served as an obstacle to the growth of mediation, both in-terms of the quality of the process and its popularity as a viable mechanism for resolution of dispute, is the issue of enforceability of the outcome. The essence of the convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation is to tackle this obstacle and pave a smoother path for the development of harmonious international economic relations and administration of international commercial transactions