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Arbitrating Intellectual Property Disputes in Nigeria: Lessons from Hong Kong and Singapore

Arbitration is now becoming globally recognised as the preferred method for resolving technology disputes. In this article, we examine the position in Nigeria, while considering the existing practices in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Released on Aug 13, 2021

Access to Vaccines is a Right, a Human Right!

The article considers accessibility to vaccines and health in general as a human right and in so doing looks at the rights enshrined in various treaties and declarations and Mexico’s Constitution in seeking to address a global rollout of vaccines.

Released on Aug 13, 2021

Portugal: Covid-19 Expropriation and Compulsory Patent Licensing

The article, in addressing compulsory patent licensing, looks at the constitutional protection afforded to industrial property rights in Portugal, the conflict between constitutional provisions and compulsory licensing and the principle of proportionality.

Released on Aug 12, 2021

Compulsory Licensing of Essential Drugs During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The article addresses the question of compulsory licensing of patents in India: whether it assists with supply, and potential adverse effects on innovation.

Released on Aug 12, 2021

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Released on Aug 11, 2021