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The changing social tides in Southeast Asia

The recent introduction of a bill advocating the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Thailand is a significant milestone in the country’s ongoing pursuit of LGBTQ+ equality. This progressive proposal underscores Thailand’s dedication to human rights and strengthens its reputation as a beacon of acceptance in Southeast Asia. If passed into law, the bill not only will grant equal rights to LGBTQ+ citizens but also enhance Thailand’s status as an inclusive destination for all global travellers. This legislative initiative reflects a broader societal shift toward tolerance and inclusivity, and paves the way for a future where all individuals are respected and treated equally under the law.

Released on Jun 4, 2024

Interview with Michael Maya – September 2022

Michael Maya has been the Director for IBA’s North America Office for almost ten years. In this interview he shares his insights on the future of the rule of law, why he is so passionate about it and how IBA members and the new generations can get more involved in promoting the rule of law. Michael also talks about the main contributions from the IBA to the legal community and some of the lessons he learned from Africa, among other fascinating views.

Released on Sep 5, 2022