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New regulations for marketplaces and other digital platforms: latest updates in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico

This article reviews the latest legal updates regarding regulation and scrutiny of marketplaces and other digital platforms operations in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico from an antitrust, data privacy and consumer protection standpoint, and their relationship with recent European regulations such as the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

Released on Feb 26, 2024

The EU’s Digital Markets Act: Opportunities and Challenges Ahead

As witnessed in a series of studies, analyses and papers published over the course of 2019−2020, an international consensus was emerging that the public policy concerns arising consistently in connection with digital platforms either required a fundamental rethink of how competition policy should address such concerns or provide the rationale for the creation of a sui generis regulatory regime. If the latter approach were to be chosen, this would mean that competition policy would be left with a complementary role to play, and one that would logically be directed at new modes of commercial behaviour. The genesis of such a public policy choice in the European Union was brought into sharp focus by the protracted competition law investigation into various commercial practices of Google in internet search by the European Commission (the ‘Commission’), which had been ongoing since 2010 and which had to wait to be resolved by the vindication of the Commission’s 2017 decision before the General Court as late as November 2021. In response to the demands by EU Member States that appropriate action be taken to compensate for the slow and arguably ineffective application of EU competition rules, a draft regulatory package was introduced by the Commission in December 2020 that would regulate key problematic business practices of large digital platforms across the EU. Whereas the so-called Digital Services Act was to deal with critical public policy issues that were consumer-facing, it was the Digital Markets Act (DMA) that laid out the unique regime that would apply economic regulation to large digital platforms. The object of this article is to: (1) provide an outline of the defining elements of the DMA; and (2) identify key aspects of that legislation, whether from a substantive, procedural or institutional point of view, where the intended outcomes of the DMA might be compromised.

Released on Jun 1, 2022