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Four-day work week: Canadian legal implications cannot be ignored

This article considers the potential implications that may arise from a transition to a four-day work week by companies in Canada.

Released on Sep 21, 2023

Comparative Corner: a discussion of pretrial discovery methods in Mexico, Canada and the United States

This article documents an informal discussion between three NARF members regarding the availability and scope of pretrial discovery in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

Released on Apr 26, 2022

Financial services regulatory: consultations on climate-related risks

This article considers the changing regulatory landscape for financial institutions globally with respect to climate-related risks. It outlines the key takeaways from consultations both within Canada and internationally.

Released on Apr 22, 2022

Comparative observations on pilot licencing: Mexico, Canada and the United States

International private aviation flights, also known as general aviation, can be conducted with minimal additional licensing requirements. This offers more efficient business travel for clients with access to general aviation aircraft.

Released on Apr 22, 2022

Common reasons for study permit refusals in Canada

This article outlines common reasons that study permit applications are refused by Canadian IRCC officers, the judicial review process for foreign students who wish to dispute the decision made on their application, and how the courts ensure procedural fairness.

Released on Jul 16, 2021