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One year later: Argentina’s regulation on employers’ obligation to provide nurseries and day care centres for children of their personnel

This article considers how companies in Argentina are complying with a new regulation that obliges employers to provide childcare services to their workers or, as an exception, reimburse the related expenses. It also outlines why companies committed to promoting equal opportunities for all their employees should review their market practices.

Released on Sep 21, 2023

Is pro bono work the future for full-service law firms?

As the 21st century came to centre stage, new generations of young professionals began to work in full-service law firms around the globe. With the appearance of these young professionals, firms started to face brand new challenges, especially related to old-style ways of working.

Released on Apr 13, 2023

Covid-19 and privacy: employer’s rights v employees’ right to privacy

This article looks at a few considerations and concerns that arise in the interplay between, on the one hand, privacy and data protection, and on the other, the protection of public health, the employer’s right to control and its duty of safety.

Released on Dec 15, 2021

20 years of Argentinian privacy law: its current status and what to expect

Released on Jun 24, 2021

Argentina’s tax planning information regime

An increase on the personal assets tax rate in Argentina in 2019, and the creation of a new emergency tax levied on Argentine tax residents and certain nationals’ wealth, encouraged many Argentine families and individuals to restructure their assets in a tax-efficient fashion.

Released on Jun 2, 2021