From the Editors, Real Estate Section, October 2020

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From the Editors

Welcome to the IBA Real Estate Section’s e-Bulletin which, not surprisingly, considers the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on real estate matters around the world. Thank you to all our contributors who have submitted articles on Covid-19-related legal developments in their jurisdictions and thank you also to the IBA team in publishing this newsletter.

This certainly has not been the year anyone expected! The universality of the pandemic has exposed the frailties of our modern connected world, but also shone light on the strength that that connectedness brings. We truly are all in similar boats trying to navigate our way forward, and the commonality of experiences and issues arising from Covid-19 highlight how important the relationships and networks such as the IBA are for both sharing information and providing support.        

Hopefully you have already registered for the IBA 2020 – Virtually Together Conference being held online from 2–27 November 2020. A different format for what is quite a different world! The confirmed guest speakers are of the highest international calibre and the Real Estate Section is hosting a number of excellent sessions, including ‘Key Considerations in Hotel Acquisitions – a comparative view’, followed by a session networking hub with other sections and committees on Wednesday 11 November, and ‘The Law Office of the Future’, as well as a Real Estate Section networking session on Tuesday 17 November.  If you haven’t already booked, please consider registering and joining us online. 

We hope you enjoy this e-Bulletin, and we wish you all ongoing good health!

Maria Flavia Candido Seabra
Communications Officer

Andrew Monteith
Membership Officer


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