Sustainable Law in Action: How to be a lawyer in wartime – an interview with Ukrainian lawyer Nazar Chernyavsky

Thursday 14 July 2022

In this episode, Sara Carnegie, IBA Legal Projects Director, speaks with Nazar Chernyavsky, partner at the Ukrainian law firm Sayenko Kharenko and Vice-Chair of the IBA Technology Law Committee, about how life and work has changed for Ukrainian lawyers since the start of the Russian invasion.

The invasion forced law firms in Ukraine to adapt their focus, while on a global scale, international law firms have faced ethical choices, with an unprecedented number pulling out of Russia and cutting all ties with clients connected to the Kremlin. The global legal profession must now reckon with how to move forward in this new reality. Nazar discusses the practical challenges forced on Ukrainian firms by the conflict and how, worldwide, the war should alter law firms’ future ESG policies and the strategies by which lawyers can encourage divestment from resources originating in authoritarian regimes.

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