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October / November 2011

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Uncle Sam and the new world disorder

Ultimately, the projection of global influence comes down to wealth. When America goes broke, it really isn’t all about the economy.

After the awakening

Tunisia has been praised for initiating a transition of momentous regional and global significance. But justice in the birthplace of the Arab Spring is more complex than attention-grabbing headlines reveal.

THE IBA PROFILE: Azizah al-Hibri

The founder and chair of KARAMAH – Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights – and a member of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom discusses women’s rights, implications of the Arab Spring and Western perceptions of the Muslim world since 9/11.

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: Code of misconduct

‘Transparency’ was a recurring refrain during the Murdochs’ parliamentary testimony in July, yet many questions on the phone hacking scandal remain unanswered.

THE IBA INTERVIEW: Nicola Bonucci – Director for Legal Affairs, OECD

The OECD’s mission is no less than to improve the economic and social wellbeing of people around the world. Eschewing a more lucrative career in private practice, Nicola Bonucci has been at the forefront of the organisation’s efforts for nearly 20 years.

BUSINESS IN INDIA: ... And two steps back

Indian liberalisation has progressed quickly in most areas resulting in one of the world’s fastest growing economies, but the legal sector has not kept up.

August / September 2011

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Breaking the banks

As the world looks to international decision-makers to protect against another financial crisis, IBA Global Insight assesses whether the UK’s Vickers report has the answers.

Euro on the brink

Another bailout for Greece brings a reprieve, but the plight of Italy, Ireland and Portugal has the potential to push Europe and the global financial system further into turmoil. The consequences, should Spain catch the contagion, are unthinkable.

Tech bubble 2.0

The successful flotation of LinkedIn and the purchase of Skype by Microsoft may suggest tech companies have come of age, or is another tech bubble on the way?

THE IBA INTERVIEW: Peter Rees QC – Legal Director, Royal Dutch Shell

As well as sitting on the Executive Committee, Peter Rees oversees a team of 1,000 people in 50 locations, including the Ethics and Compliance function. The wide-ranging interview, covers issues, including the new world of anti-corruption legislation, business in Nigeria, and changes at Shell.

THE IBA PROFILE: Historic justice

After graduating in 1952, Sandra Day O’Connor couldn’t find a law firm willing to give her a job. Nearly 30 years later, she was the first woman appointed to the US Supreme Court, a historic milestone for women’s rights. IBA Global Insight speaks to the former Supreme Court Justice who was at the centre of the contraversial re-election of George W Bush.

HUMAN RIGHTS: The struggle for Africa

While the Democratic Republic of Congo is among the world’s most resource-rich countries, it has also been crippled by war and corruption. IBA Global Insight assesses the ongoing fight to establish law and justice in the heart of Africa.

BUSINESS IN CHINA: The risks of the Middle Kingdom

As international businesses seek to maximise the abundant opportunities prestented by the world’s fastest growing economy, IBA Global Insight assesses the issues facing foreign investors venturing outside Beijing or Shanghai.

June / July 2011

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Riches and responsibility

China is destined to become the world’s largest economy, yet Western criticism of its governance both at home and abroad shows no sign of abating. Are such concerns valid or based on ignorance and envy?

Asia’s wealth of secrets

As bank secrecy breaks down, financial institutions in the region are facing increasing burdens of compliance.

Burma: after the Saffron Revolution

The European Union, United States and Canada all maintain sanctions against Burma. But has the right balance been struck? Or have they been weakened by vested interests?

MERGER CONTROL: Threats to competition

Regulators look set to approve two controversial deals – Rupert Murdoch’s proposed takeover of BSkyB and AT&T’s T-Mobile deal. IBA Global Insight analyses the far-reaching implications.

LITIGATION: Uncovering corporate killing

The remarkably short but controversial US Alien Tort Statute is forcing a much needed focus on corporate accountability for complicity in human rights crimes.

CORRUPTION: Deconstructing corruption

Corruption remains endemic in the global construction industry. IBA Global Insight assesses international efforts to tackle deeply ingrained practices.

April / May 2011

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Arab awakening

The Arab world’s popular uprisings suggest epoch-making change.

RULE OF LAW: an elusive panacea

The BRIC and Middle East economies increasingly command respect on the global stage. IBA Global Insight assesses the challenges of building lasting and effective rule of law.

SOUTH SUDAN: the people’s choice

The new entrant to the community of nations must overcome a number of challenges, logistical and political.


The beleaguered oil company has come out fighting. But a deal with the Russian Government-owned Rosneft was always going to prove controversial.

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE IN ASIA: One country, two systems

IBA Global Insight assesses Hong Kong’s proposed changes to corporate governance rules and how they fit with the approach in mainland China.

TECHNOLOGY AND RISK: Navigating the data minefield

The dynamic nature of information technology in the 21st century presents enormous challenges. As the global legal profession is using IT to its full advantage, the risks are greater than ever.

February / March 2011

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Lands of opportunity

The drama surrounding the rescue of 33 miners in northern Chile has highlighted the great potential in the Latin American exploration market.

The new polar race

The controversial claims to the North Pole’s scarce resources.

Risky business

Political risk has always been an important consideration for the global business community, but the terrain has shifted dramatically in recent years.

THE BIG READ: The ultimate price of poverty

IBA Global Insight assesses the socio-economic arguments for death penalty abolition.

THE IBA interview: Mark Pieth

As chair of the OECD Working Group on Bribery in International Business Transactions, Mark Pieth has implemented the foremost legal tool to combat corruption. He spoke exclusively to the IBA in the final webcast of the 2010 series.


The European Company Statute was meant to make it easier for companies to operate throughout the EU. So far, only a select few have seen the appeal.