LPRU Project Proposal Processs

Could your project benefit from the support of the IBA Legal Policy & Research Unit?  

The IBA's Legal Policy & Research Unit (LPRU) undertakes research and projects, among other things, on matters relevant to the IBA, the legal profession and / or the broader global community and that otherwise fall within the objectives of the IBA Constitution. Information on projects that the LPRU has or is currently undertaking can be found on the LPRU homepage.

The LPRU is a team of 10 people, comprising 7 lawyers and 3 legal interns who are with us for 3 months at a time. The LPRU can work with, and provide additional (person) resources to, Committees which wish to undertake projects on topics that meet one or more of these requirements.  Note that the LPRU does not provide administrative support to or on Committee projects.

Any project proposed by a Committee must first be approved by the leadership of the relevant division (ie. LPD, SPPI or BIC) (Division Leadership). 

The LPRU's resources are limited. As such, there is no guarantee that the LPRU will accept any given project proposal even if approved by the relevant Division Leadership.  To assist the Division Leadership and LPRU to identify (a) the projects that best meet the IBA's requirements, and (b) how to best prioritise between projects, we ask that you download and complete the ‘Project Proposal form’ and submit via email (LPRU@int-bar.org) or using the buttons below.  

Division Leadership, and LPRU if a proposed project is approved by Division Leadership, will endeavour to respond to your proposal within 4 weeks of receipt (ie. a total of 8 weeks). Division Leadership and LPRU may also contact you to request further information. 

If you have any queries, please send them to LPRU@int-bar.org

Submission Process

Submission Process