Sustainable solutions: an interview with Marks & Spencer’s General Counsel and experts from private practice

Monday 5 July 2021

The second episode of the series of podcasts on business and sustainability from the International Bar Association (IBA) Legal Policy & Research Unit (LPRU).

In this episode, Nick Folland (General Counsel, Marks & Spencer) and Sarah Dickson (Deputy General Counsel, Marks & Spencer), Sara Carnegie (IBA Director of Legal Projects) and Maria Pia Sacco (LPRU Senior Project Lawyer), discuss:

  • how in house legal teams are navigating the evolving and increasingly fragmented legal framework regarding business and human rights and ESG;
  • the importance of multi-stakeholder initiative and collaborations in the fight against modern slavery in global supply chains; and
  • the importance of embedding sustainability in the business model of a company.

The conversation continues with IBA members, Jonathan Drimmer (Partner, Paul Hastings), Rae Lindsay (Partner, Clifford Chance) and Hanim Hamzah (Regional Managing Partner, ZICO Law Network), to understand:

  • how lawyers can support companies in their journey towards sustainability;
  • the implications of a potential European legislation on mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence for companies outside of the EU;
  • how business and human rights and sustainability have gained momentum in the global legal community; and
  • the way in which law firms are developing to offer legal services in these areas of specialisation.

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Image: / Andriy Blokhin

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