Interview with Ian Fry

Wednesday 20 December 2023

It's clear from reactions to COP28 that although some progress was made in the form of pledges and other agreements by states and corporations, for many the pace of change is too slow and action does not go far enough. 

Recognising the effect that the climate crisis is having and will continue to have on human rights, particularly in the world’s poorest countries, the UN appointed a Special Rapporteur in this area in 2022.

In this Global Insight podcast, IBA Multimedia Journalist Yola Verbruggen talks to the Special Rapporteur on climate change and human rights, Ian Fry, about his mandate, the challenge of getting countries on board, climate refugees and potential legal routes to justice and accountability, such as climate litigation.

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Image credit: Sudanese refugees gather to receive relief items at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) transit centre in Renk, near the border crossing point, South Sudan, 1 May 2023. REUTERS/Jok Solomun

Music credit: Music by audiocofffee.pixabay.com